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Resume of Activities

After Midnight Studios' owner and chief technician, Dan Crawley, has many years of experience in a vast array of film, television, commercial, and theme park attractions prior to the company's founding. Below is a look at Dan's work over the years or you can look at his IMDB Profile.

Title Position Studio
September 12 Special Effects Make-up After Midnight Studios
Stikmen Foreman/Supervisor After Midnight Studios
Vise Special Make-up Effects After Midnight Studios
G.I. Joe Key Technician Film Illusions
Star Trek Key Technician Film Illusions
The Watchmen Silicone Seaming Drac Studios
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Key Technician Captive Audience
Dead and Gone Spacial make-up FX/Props After Midnight Studios
In Twilight's Shadow Special Make-up FX/Dentures After Midnight Studios
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Key Technician Film Illusions
Outsource Set Tech/Lab/Paint/Mech/Elec Sodium Entertainment/F.I.
Trailerpark of Terror Key Technician Drac Studios
4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Painter/Foam/Molds/Seams Film Illusions
Awake Silicone Seaming Burman Studio
Hairspray Silicone Seaming Alterian
The Heartbreak Kid Mechanics Alterian/F.I.
I Know Who Killed Me Silicone Technician JML Film
License to Wed Silicone Lab/Seaming Twisted Productions
Species 4 Key Technician JML Film
Apocalypto Key Technician Captive Audience
Little Man Lifecasting/Molds/Seam/Lab Captive Audience
Slither Lab Technician Masters FX
Superman Returns Lab/Foam/Molds/Seam Film Illusions
World Trade Center Special Effects Technician Motion Picture FX
Zoom Molds/Lab/Foam/Seam Film Illusions
Cheaper By the Dozen 2 Seaming Alterian
Day of the Dead 2: Contagium Make-up Artist Cerberus FX
The Exorcism of Emily Rose Silicone Seaming/Lab Technician Captive Audience
Demon Hunter Seaming/Molds Motion Picture FX
Fantastic Four Lifecasting/Lab/Foam/Seam Film Illusions
Four Brothers Mechanics Creature FX
I Know Who You Are Key Make-up/Supervisor Go Time Films
Mansquito Mechanics Alterian/F.I.
The Pacifier Silicone Seaming Film Illusions
Painkiler Jane Key Silicone Artist Masters FX
Syriana Lab Technician Captive Audience
The Alamo Shop Supervisor/Lifecasting Crisis FX
The Chronicles of Riddick Shop Supervisor/Lifecasting Film Illusions
Garfield Mechanics Tech Works
Seed of Chucky Mechanics/Silicone Seaming Alterian/F.I.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Mechanics Alterian/F.I.
Twisted Lifecasting/Molds/Lab Technician Harlowe FX
The Core Fabrication Global Effects
Gods & Generals Lab Technician Crisis FX
Holes Painting/Lab Technician Crisis FX
The Last Samurai Molds/Lab Technician Crisis FX
Adaptation Key Technician M.E.L.
Men in Black 2 Painting/Seaming/Lab Technician Cinovation
The Ring Fabrication Crisis FX
The Time Machine Painting/Fabrication M.E.L.
Black Knight Painting/Fabrication Global Effects
Caveman's Valentine Gelatin Prosthetics/Molds M.E.L.
Ghosts of Mars Painting/Fabrication M.E.L.
Ticker Fabrication M.E.L.